SEO services overview

Making sure your website remains optimized is a full time responsibility. Especially if you want a successful website; one that drives traffic, converts customers and shows consecutive growth.

Staying on top of the continuous changing algorithms isn’t always easy. Gone are the days were having numerous links to your sites was enough to keep your website optimized.

Today, in Google, over 70% of search results in an organic click. To achieve greatest brand exposure, all facets of your website must come together. An effective SEO campaign will ensure content is authoritative, will consider local relevance, will respond to the approach of competitors and finally, will have the user in mind.

Ensuring your SEO is adjusted to obtain optimum results can raise you above your competitors , establishing your site to the top of search results.


Making sure you reach the right audience through targeted display advertising.

Targeted display advertising will ensure your reach your right audience without wasting resources. Questions that need answers for an effective campaign include the following:

  • Can your target audience see your online ads?
  • Are they visiting your site?
  • Is your online strategy increasing sales?
  • Are you staying ahead of your competitors?
  • We make sure your budget is used effectively to finding your key customers in the right environment, so that they will know, exactly where to find you.


ROC™ works in partnership with our clients to develop customized social strategies which yield the highest return on investment.

By using the right tools we can help your business or brand achieve it’s success:

  • We create social and professional branded profiles
  • Creative content writing and developing rich messages
  • Building and enhancing your followers
  • Reviewing analytics and presenting to you our feedback